Ways to Enjoy Jalapeño Jelly

The most common way to consume jalapeño jelly is poured over a block of cream cheese, and eaten with crackers.   It is the easiest appetizer to take to a party.  Jalapeño Jelly  is also great on biscuits, cornbread, egg muffins, & is fantastic meat glaze! 

About us

In 2012, while visiting the 6666 Ranch in West Texas I tried jalapeño jelly for the first time. I was immediately hooked. After further thought, I decided to make some myself at home. I also thought that I should add my own twist to it, so I decided to smoke the jalapeños with mesquite, and to make the jelly with pure cane sugar. The end product was absolutely addictive! After giving some to several friends and family members, most of them told me I should make more and sell it. Over the course of the next year, I sold over 600 jars. The years following, I moved a couple times, got busy with other tasks in life, and unfortunately my jelly moved to the back burner. I have been relentlessly hounded by several people to make more, so I finally did. Now that I have, it has reinvigorated me to start selling it again. I am very excited to get this going again! Please stay tuned for future updates..